Escort Status

Escort labels

Below find the Different Escort Status on Side Chick. For a status upgrade send an email to


A premium escort will always be shown first in all the escort listings on Side Chick website above the normal escorts. Premium escorts will also have a gold colored “Premium” label next to their picture.


A verified status means that the image of the escort on Side Chick is the same as or a very close resemblance to the look of the escort. Verified escorts normally give their real picture.


All escorts that have registered on Side Chick in less then 2 weeks ago will have a pink “New” label on their thumbnail image.

An escort can buy a “Featured” status. After an escort has purchased a featured status they will be placed in the top header slider for more visibility. Featured status give 5% – 7% more visibility and clients than the normal status.

The featured status is not a label since it will not be shown on their profile thumbnail in the listings.

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